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    • Well it looks like the 'revamp' was right after all, heh.
    • I mean half of a year to film not a month lmao
    • This is TayK or Jake or Ainsley and my favorite movie is "The Maze Runner".The Maze Runner is based on these people who were put into this "Maze" called "The Glade or Glade" and the main character's for the first film are Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Frypan, Alby, and Min ho.The first movie/film was just name "The Maze Runner", the second movie/film was named "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials", and the last movie/film which made me cry and punch my wall is called "Maze Runner: The Death Cure".The Death Cure was my all time favorite out of the two other movies/films.The Maze Runner cast only had I think half a month to film but the last movies because Dylan O'Brien got in a accident and got ran over by a car while filming and it took an extra year to get the last movie out.
    • I'm kinda sad that everyone overlooks the real masterpiece: Cory in the House: The Communist Foe! It has everything. Good chemistry between Cory & the main female lead. A compelling enemy that strikes fear even after watching it, because he is so developed. [Spoilers] The story is this: Cory, being in anime land, is notified of an upcoming threat to all of anime: COMMUNISM! Lead none other than the most vile of villains ever: Old Man Jenkins! So Cory, along with Shrek, Goku, the Cuphead brothers, the waifu goddess herself, and of course the love interest: Generic lady trope #24. With the team in hand, Cory must travel to the 5 lands to gather the mystical energy only true weebs can possess. The final battle is of Cory with maxed out stats, Vs Communism. Blood was shed, tears were shed, for this fight was epic, outdoing the great bully from Cool Cat Saves the Kids. [Spoilers]. So yeah, that is the best movie of all time. - says scarecrow trying to act all edgy.   For real, i would say guardians of the galaxy both 1 & 2, and 9.
    • Leo the Lion is my current favorite, a true masterpiece of film, however I expect it to be overshadowed by Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting by Daddy Derek upon its release.
    • pretty good how about you?
    • Hey  

      It's been a while since i've been here. How is everyone?    
    • What's everyone's favorite movie? Mine is Forrest Gump because it shows the effort of a simple minded man who went through one of the most violent times of the 60s. He went through with a luck of touch for everything from owning one of the best Shrimping franchises, faced the Vietnam War, and now caring for a child.
    • Yea, most of the old players probably switched servers but even if we just had a little bit of people back it might help the forums and everything to be more populated than they are atm.
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