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  1. As most of your know I recently haven't been on the server whatsoever, this is simply because I lost interest. Please, for those who know whom I am friends with, don't think that I am being fueled by the people who recently left the server, as I left before them and though most of them are my friends, I haven't been forced into this by them, this is a sole decision in my part. I'd like to thank Kobe and Mysterio for creating the server and letting me learn multiple lessons. I joined on my birthday (I think) august 11th, as a minge, not wanting to rp. I remember this was before Kobe was Rex, he and midget were fives and echo...and I promptly called them some words I won't repeat in forums. But quickly I was pulled in and enjoyed the server and learned a lot. Thank you to anyone I came into contact with. I wish to leave in peace and hope that I will be treated the same if and when I hop on every so often. No hard feelings towards anyone. - Sincerely, Raito Special people: King, Falco, Kobe, Mysterio, Sticky, Nate, Acer, Swindle (5th fleet days buddy), Jeff (Never stop running those laps), Gaming, Amish, Justin, and multiple others. (previous names/people: Kix, Aesthetics, Dune, Milwauk, Anton, Lynx, and Kickback) typed from my phone for you grammar nazi cucks
  2. I like to take a snowball and smother my nuts until my balls go purple.
  3. For those who get this reference, I love you. "Deck the halls with body parts of a girl named holly..."
  4. No shit. Still, everyone else was loud and screaming. So everyone should've been banned
  5. Your Name: Milwauk/Kix/Anton Your STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:49540812 Who banned you?: King How long were you banned for?: 3 days Why were you banned?: Mic Spam Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I know I was in the wrong but I was trying to have some fun and I took it to the extent of breaking rules. I didn't mean to upset or make anyone mad at me. I'm honestly sorry that I got to the point of being banned and I know that I should follow the rules even if I'm trying to have fun or be funny. What have you learned from this?: To follow the rules at all times.
  6. Test me. Me as Harambe, because Jet said I wouldn't
  7. Hello to those who know me, as well to those who don't. I have decided to leave the server due to the reason that after playing the same game mode for a while everything gets boring, no harm towards Kobe and the others but I've been playing this so long there is nothing that entertains me anymore. I loved my time on here from when I joined as a CR to when I became Kix, I've loved every single moment of it and I want to thank everyone for letting me enjoy my time on here. You all have helped me find myself throughout my time on the server and I couldn't be more grateful. - Kix (Dune) My characters: 91st/5th/501st Dune, 501st Kix, Naval Royal Guard Lynx, Naval SCPO Anton, Jedi Padawan I Milwauk. I love you all. If this is in the wrong spot please move it.
  8. So I don't have to sit in a chair
  9. Hello, I go by many a name if you couldn't tell but I mainly play as a 501st Medic nicknamed Dune or a Jedi Padawan named Milwauk. I used to be in 5th Fleet but left to join the 501st Legion First to fight, last to leave! I may seem like a bit of a d**k in game but I don't like to put up with shit, within real life I like to hang out with friends and am usually the joker of the group, I have a dark sense of humor and use it when I am scared. Everyone on the server is very helpful and friendly and I instantly felt welcomed (Sorry Kobe for trolling you when I first joined >.<) Feel free to leave questions below and I will answer them! C: