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    • Mysterio

      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.
    • Kobe {Zefine}

      Attention! | ULX Groups   01/19/17

      Attention all Staff Members. We have just installed a script that will merge all bans to all of our Gmod server over MySQL. All bans have been synced but Staff groups and donator groups are gone. Please be patient with Leadership giving you that correct groups back. Thanks!


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  1. I'm sorry to those who I offended while writing my 3 reasons why I deserve 212th commander. Some said I was pissed while writing it or mad at all the commanders, but i'm not. I was in the middle of writing that when i found out it was declined. as I state in it nvm this whole post should just be scraped, i'm denied anyways... I stated that I was denied, but I didn't want it to sound like I was pissed for not getting it. Spicy, if you get 212th commander Cody... I want to give you a pat on the back for being the better man, and obviously showing more talent
  2. Its been a long time, Nos. Happy new years man
  3. +1 what spicy said
  4. lol... welcome to the server
  5. Thank you for the donation
  6. He then realized
  7. I covered up the mic in one scene lol
  8. thank you, zach, for donating to the server
  9. @Firefox Thank you, Firefox for staying apart of our community for soooooo long. It means a lot to me that you are making this. I wish you a merry Christmas and a good time with your family.
  10. a long whip
  11. and jizzed into
  12. thanks apollo for you donation
  13. Ho Ho Hoes... I f***** all the Hoes - said santa
  14. were still going to the playoffs lol