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      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.


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  1. Your Name: Shane Pharr In Game Name: Naval ENS Miller STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:126745714 Age: 16 How long have you been apart of the CryoSignal Gaming Community?: ive been playing on your server for 25 hours Have you ever received a kick or ban from our servers? If so how long and what for?: ive been kicked cause i was looking at the general james glitch were you could be his charecter Do you have a mic?: Yes Why do you think you should be a part of the Staff Team?: I am on all the time usually all the time and i think that i would be a great help because i love serious rp and i can commite most of my time to the server. What can you offer to our server and community as a Staff Member?: i can offer the time and dedication to the server i promise also i will put money forward to keep the server going.
  2. Miller has donated 25.00 USD