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      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.
    • Kobe {Zefine}

      Attention! | ULX Groups   01/19/17

      Attention all Staff Members. We have just installed a script that will merge all bans to all of our Gmod server over MySQL. All bans have been synced but Staff groups and donator groups are gone. Please be patient with Leadership giving you that correct groups back. Thanks!


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  1. But I do like to be TI, and it's only stressful when they minge it's and even when they minge sometimes it's hilarious, especially when I see them get kicked for no intent to RP that's another one of the reasons I want to be admin so I don't have to deal with them and so other people don't have to deal with them
  2. Amish it's not that I couldn't handle it, it's that I had to take a break because of it. Everyone has those times, why do you think jobs give you days for vacation?
  3. Your Name: Zachariah In Game Name: Jedi Padawan Zach/TI 41st ARF SGT Zach STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:175349378 Age: 19 How long have you been apart of the CryoSignal Gaming Community?: Out of game: A month, almost two.... In game: 4 and a half days. Have you ever received a kick or ban from our servers? If so how long and what for?: Nope Do you have a mic?: Yes Why do you think you should be a part of the Staff Team?: I think I should be a part of the Staff Team because I want to let out my creativeness by hosting and brainstorming events to do in the future so that everyone can have a chance to get higher ranks and maybe one day they can apply for staff and help the community just like the staff we have today. I have been watching people minge and be incapable of role playing, I've seen people like this almost everyday I have been on the server and being a TI is hard because it stresses you out because of these people, in fact I had to take a break from the server for a little bit to regain so sanity. I just don't want people to have to deal with that because other TI+ will support me on this it sucks, it sucks really bad, so I can help these TI+ white list, warn, kick or even ban the mingy people. What can you offer to our server and community as a Staff Member?: I can offer a lot of things like fairness/forgiveness, these virtues are very important for an admin because if an admin was unfair they could just start banning people left and right for something they could of warned them about and they need forgiveness so that the people who do mess up can get another chance with the server; activity, activity is important for an admin so that people can be white list, they can take care of the minges, and take really good care of the good people in the community; helpfulness, every admin need helpfulness or else they wouldn't really be an admin, admins are meant to help people, that's actually their entire job; willingness, I can offer willingness to learn and to help, there isn't much else I can say about it; this is a list of what I can offer and it's not all I can offer, but it is things that I can offer, we will all learn more things that I can offer if and when I am a trail mod.
  4. Toaster, you were one of my best friends on the server. You trained me.... you won't be missed because you will always be with us. I hope you have a good life going forward and... that's pretty much all I can say.
  5. for stealing his
  6. I dont know if I can +1, but I would give a huge +1 to church he was CT XO when I first join and that was like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and even back then he was helpful, a good leader, he was mostly fair.
  7. I know it's not much, but merry Christmas Kobe.
  8. Zach has donated 5.00 USD
  9. I actually did have a good time with you, other than you using your grapple thing to climb on people.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Zach, I have been playing on the SWRP server for a while now, but this is my first time on the forums. So for most of you this will be your first time meeting me. Just would like to share how I got to the SWRP server that I know and love today. First i would like to thank Youin/RC COM Boss, he first introduced me to the server on the day of Halloween, but for some reason it never loaded the weapon locker (I waited 4 hours) so I just gave up and then I was following Boss into a game and it magically worked and I just straight a way love the server even though it was aids. Anyway that's my story and I would love to hear some of your guy's stories.
  11. Yeah I know wolffe I went through some other apps after I made this and I thought to my self, jesus this is horrible
  12. Your Name: Zachariah In Game Name: Zach STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:175349378 Age: 19 How long have you been apart of the CryoSignal Gaming Community?: 1 day 19 hours 48 minutes (in game time) Have you ever received a kick or ban from our servers? If so how long and what for?: I don't believe I have ever been kicked or banned. Do you have a mic?: Yes Why do you think you should be a part of the Staff Team?: I think I should be apart of the Cryosignal staff team to stop the minges (FRP) and hopefully stop other admins from abusing their powers, which I see way to often. I want to help out on the server. I've seen a lot rule-breakers on your server and I want to stop them because the only thing that those rule-breakers are doing are ruining our everyday lives on your server and your forums. We all know that no body likes a rule-breaker. What can you offer to our server and community as a Staff Member?: I am capable of constructing stories and thinking of unique ideas that are brainstormed, organized, revised, and finalized in my spare time before they are implemented to great effect to entertain others. If there is one quality that I am proud of, it is my creativity; it is this skill that has allowed me to lay out dozens upon dozens of unique and well-thought out stories in my personal computer as well as organize events in the server that has consistently received positive reviews. I will always confess to my mistakes, provide and accept opinions, and listen to constructive criticism of my behavior and events, because such matters will provide me with opportunities for self-assessment and improvement respectively. Through my experience as a fictional writer, I am able to quickly isolate what aspects of a story or event that individuals like or dislike, thus allowing me to emphasize upon the positives and correcting the negatives in order to improve for the future.