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    • Mysterio

      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.
    • Kobe {Zefine}

      Attention! | ULX Groups   01/19/17

      Attention all Staff Members. We have just installed a script that will merge all bans to all of our Gmod server over MySQL. All bans have been synced but Staff groups and donator groups are gone. Please be patient with Leadership giving you that correct groups back. Thanks!


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  1. I have no words, all i can really say is that we will all miss u... thank u for being such a great friend. ;-;
  2. +1 Even though a lot of staff is full, he definitely fits the description of an honest and loyal staff member.
  3. -1 I think you need a lot more time and experience... a little more information needs to be given too. My tip is to go ahead and look at other accepted applications to improve yours next time. Also, if you take this serious please review your application for spelling errors because this is filled with them. Good luck!
  4. Barrett has donated 50.00 USD
  5. Hi, this is very long over due and most of you probably know me by now. I have gone under the names of Echo, Barrett, Spader, and Alejandro most often. So most likely you know me, but for those who don't I am a dedicated member to this server and have made so many friends. I look forward to meeting more everyday so please say hi if you haven't already! There is really not much else to say besides I love star wars like everyone else, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me!
  6. +1 This Post really made me question life... I have now quit my drug addition and have been re united with my son thanks to this.
  7. +1 I have nothing but good things to say about Church / Wyatt. He is a long time veteran to the server and is a very good player. I can see him being very helpful in staff situations, this needs to happen.
  8. My fav christmas memory was that one time when it was christmas and stuff
  9. Barrett has donated 25.00 USD
  10. Barrett has donated 25.00 USD