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      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.
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      Attention! | ULX Groups   01/19/17

      Attention all Staff Members. We have just installed a script that will merge all bans to all of our Gmod server over MySQL. All bans have been synced but Staff groups and donator groups are gone. Please be patient with Leadership giving you that correct groups back. Thanks!


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  1. Your Name: Joseph In Game Name: TR 501st COM rex STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:34598059 Age: 16 How long have you been apart of the CryoSignal Gaming Community?: 1 week and 1 day (about 2) Have you ever received a kick or ban from our servers? If so how long and what for?: yes, for committing suicide at kamino Do you have a mic?: Yes Why do you think you should be a part of the Staff Team?: I believe I should be apart of the staff team because I love this server, I love it so much that I try to enforce the server rules even though I'm not staff! and I try to handle staff related problems even though I'm not staff, now I've been working on my emotions getting ahead of me and that is one of my downfalls, but when it comes to staff related things (AKA admin sits when I was staff on different servers) I have never used emotion to push my opinion or did something because of a biased opinion, and I want to help out our staff considering there are only a few staff now especially after what just happened! I can offer safety in the server but at the same time I can keep the server fun, and yes I haven't been as active but if you read my post on why I haven't been active lately you'll see why is why and if I got staff I would do all in my power to get on even if I had work to do, I am very dedicated to this server and I want to offer it's protection with another great staff member since it's a way for me to have fun! (if it helps at all my future career is being a cop and I feel like being a staff member would actually help me develop more skill needed to be a cop(solving more problems and make people feel safe and happy)) but to get everything out of the way, I am a serious Role player and I would love to enforce the rules and help solve situations, I want to also become even more apart of the community and I feel that becoming a staff member would do just that! I will decrease stress and drama that goes around the server and one big thing is I am extremely dedicated to this server, I've never met a server I have fell in love with like this one! I will not leave voluntarily, I would never turn my back on this server and would never back stab everyone here because everyone is my friend, so what I'm trying to say is I wouldn't just drop the community, I would be a great well known staff member and I will not abuse staff powers I will make sure they're used in a good manner (and when we do maps that have scattered spawn points or geonosis) What can you offer to our server and community as a Staff Member?: I can offer safety, unbiased staff sits, and fun, I will do all I really can to help out the staff even more and I can make sure things get done, I would go to who ever needed staff help and I will solve problems since I'm actually very good at solving problems that come up I can offer community help since I'm fairly active on the website and I actually check it every day or 2 and I will offer more help that is needed by everyone, even try to get alittle stress off King and Amish (the 2 most active admins) with all the times they get called which is frequently. I can offer good decisions and interact with everyone so everyone can have fun, I can also ensure event ideas when everyone is getting alittle bored and need something to do I can quickly think of events that can be done. I will ensure that stiffly duties will be done and be done correctly so no one has to go back and fix any mistakes and I will attend all staff meetings, and if I can't make it I will make sure I tell someone or put on the website why
  2. +1 I see him as a great staff plus he is a serious role player like amish said
  3. -1 sorry dude but you're alittle to young, plus I don't see you much
  4. SO for everyone who is active, people know I haven't been as active lately and right here I will explain to you all why, the past couple of weeks I have been super busy with school, and MY school finals is about to start this week so I've been drowning with homework, Including the fact that I have to tend to peoples needs because I can't stand making people upset, I have been trying my hardest to be getting on but I won't be as active till after this coming up week when I actually do MY SCHOOL FINALS that I haven't had yet, I'm sorry to my 501st and to all of my friends, I just felt you all deserved to know why I haven't been as active :'( <3
  5. yes it's actually because of homework and school, and youthgroup is all! plus on the weekends sometimes friends will come stay the night is all! but i'll usually do a 2 day LOA notice for that
  6. now I know that everyone here has room for Improvement and I just want to take it on like a challenge, I want you guys to tell me what I need to improve on and I'll try my hardest to do it, I won't get my feelings hurt, I won't be butt hurt about it, and I won't argue, I'll take it head on and try to over come these things! so go ahead and tell me what you guys believe I need improvement on and I will do it, thank you all <3 you guys are like my big family and I couldn't ask to be friends with anyone else, for sure the best server I have ever been on! so again do it for me! thank you all and I'm ready for this challenge
  7. guns of icarus

    TBH I hate this game! I'm willing to join if you get enough people to do this though! Don't know my Icarus name, but my steam name is firefox_jr305 (a person by the name of fireblade should pop up)
  8. Hey, I'm TI 501st CPT Rex and I just wanted to let you guys know who I am! I am a 16 year old in highschool! I'm a JR in highschool and I am a PC gamer for life haha I the SWRP server at first not knowing a would get as much into it as I am now honestly! I love star wars and the clone wars movies were my favorite! And I've always loved games like Star wars Battlefront II, but after I joined I realized this was an amazing server with a great community! After not to long I became CPT Rex with a complete interest on not only staying CPT Rex for a good amount of time but! Reviving the 501st! Which has been going great ever since I became CPT of the 501st! now I am in love with the server and I love the community and people in it! I have a snapchat and a kik so just ask for it if you want it in the comments! and my steam is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/firefox_jr305 so add me!
  9. I'm glad you're back blaster
  10. LOA

    I'm going LOA for a little bit (latest a week and atleast a day) I've been having a lot of stess lately and just need to deal with it before I get on, I love yu guys you guys are amazing
  11. -1 way too new to be apart of staff in my opinion, sorry dude!! Just gotta wait a little white longer
  12. You will be missed dude! Good luck with College
  13. You will be missed dude! Good luck with College
  14. Okay just to say this, the scoms were just seeing what the come thought but still bachata should not be demoted from Mcom he deserves it! I couldn't see anyone take his place to be honest
  15. Your Name: Joseph In Game Name: TI 501st CPT Rex STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:34598059 Age: 16 How long have you been apart of the CryoSignal Gaming Community?: 124hours Have you ever received a kick or ban from our servers? If so how long and what for?: for a few fail RP for suicides is all Do you have a mic?: Yes Why do you think you should be a part of the Staff Team?: I think I should be apart of the staff team because I am well known through out the server and I try my hardest to be active on the forums! I am well known through out the server and sometimes when no one is dealing with an admin problem (ex. fights/RDM/and problems that no admin will attend to) I feel like all commanders should be atleast somewhat staff in a way because they need a little bit of a way to control their battalions a little bit bitter especially make it easier on other admins as example of King or Amish they can be very busy a lot of the times and if they're busy I could deal with situations that need to be dealt with. I am very active on this server and believe I would be a great staff! What can you offer to our server and community as a Staff Member?: What I can offer to the server is protection and safety but fun! I would deal with RDMers I would deal with people getting into fights and I would deal with any reason it is to call an admin/staff over for help! What I can offer for the community as a staff member is more activity on the forums and more responses to peoples applications and more feed back to more people and just keep on posting on how much I love this server ahaha XD I can also help with situations if someone's having a bad day or just not having fun I know how to deal with them too!
  16. I've watch a lot but that was a while ago I should rewatch it
  17. Dang I really really don't want you to leave haha...!
  18. very sad day and will be for a couple of days :'(
  19. neutral closer to +1 but time is to low for me
  20. -1 because you haven't been active lately, prove to me you can change that and I will change my answer but still time is too low
  21. That's because I was in LOA
  22. LOA

    I won't be on till Sunday! got some personal stuff to deal with... Love y'all! take good care of my 501st while I'm gone <3 thanks!
  23. +1 church is active on the server! and everytime I look on the forums I see my guy church saying something all the time
  24. -1 1. you are never on the server 2. you rdm 3. you should have known not to do that general James glitch it's pretty obvious you shouldn't do that stuff 4. you do not commit to this server at all and It feels like you minge alot
  25. marry Christmas guys! I seriously love you all! you all make me happy and make my day go from bad to good! have the greatest of Christmases guys! <3 thank you so much all of you! like non of you realize how much you guys mean to me! now this server is like seriously the best! I've never been this dedicated to be on a server like this server!!!! like all of you are so amazing! admins are amazing! owner is pretty damn fun if I say so myself! Thank you so much for everything everybody!!!! <3!!!~!~!~!!!!