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      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.


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  1. I thank you for training me and taking me under your wing. We in CG will carry on with your teachings. You will be missed.
  3. I used to propose events like this and most of the time the player base would get angry at the staff team because nothing was happening. There were always more people than not getting angry because they want nonstop action. I personally enjoy the thought of these, however it'll take at least one attempt at it to be sure. An event that lasts days? It sounds fun to me, not sure about everyone else.
  4. As most of you saw my last post about my confessions of regret of giving up commitment towards the server, I had planned to be way more active. This came at a bad time. This is not me saying I won't be active this is me saying, it will be delayed. I miss the people who saved my life. I will be back. I am moving from my rental house back to an actual home and my internet is coming on Friday. Most of you don't know about an incident last March that took my home from me so I have been living in a rental house. The people on this server, the friends I've made. I believe they saved my life over the summer and I won't break my promise to make a return. When I am back, I plan on starting back as a regular trooper as I am only a CT technically and want no part of special treatment as I hope the issue is fixed (Kobe, I'm sorry for leaving that issue not fixed:\). I still have senior admin powers (I think?) which is up for discussion on whether I deserve after leaving the server for so long. As for my Jedi rank, that can be up for dicussion as well if need be. I'm just happy to have this platform to update all of you again, I know it might be starting to feel like a blog but I assure you I will be back before you know it. -Nos
  5. He's right, as much as I admire the 91st they are a smaller battalion who didn't get a lot of use when I was on the server. We just have too much content for someone to be able to take part in, for the small battalions to flourish the entire server would have to change and there's no good way to do that, nor does the server need to change.
  6. Why is that? Just curious
  7. I think 91st is a valuable Battalion when it has a good leader. Find someone to lead it well and it will go far. Like when King lead it. In my opinion that was the peak of it. Just my opinion, take it or leave it.
  8. It's been a long time since I've been dedicated to the servers. So long that half of the people on the forums don't even know me. So let me introduce myself, I met Kobe through a mutual friend who wanted to create a server. That mutual friend is no longer in the picture and the server had its struggles. I've been here since before the server was created. Yet I'm feeling like I abandonded Kobe, Mysterio, Tyler, and so many people that I just can't keep track of. I have been feeling like a jerk for up and leaving out of nowhere without saying a word. The server has grown exponentially since I left, and it pains me that I missed out on it. I just needed to apologize to everyone on here. Specifically Kobe and Mysterio. I don't know why I left, why I can't push myself to get on or why I miss you guys so god damn much but I'm sorry regardless. The New Year has already caused me personal issues and I've been wanting to make this post for awhile but I had to do it today. Thank you for reading. I'm sorry. -Nos
  9. :')
  10. Accepted. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. Your ban has been lowered to one day.
  11. I heard from multiple people. You said you got SCOM were leaving and people should come with.
  12. You said you got SCOM on another server, you were quitting ours. You asked for people to come with you. That is considered advertising.
  13. Next time you post please watch what you say, as some people may get offended by it. We await your return.
  14. DENIED There are no such things as third chances. You screwed up twice. You were banned for RDMing 2-3 people that I saw in the Killfeed.
  16. Unbanned. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. No more chances.
  17. That's not the point. This is also a matter of growth for the server. EVERYTHING will be discussed tomorrow at 8PM EST.
  18. I agree on that. I believe if you become Staff maybe we should take ourselves out from the top and be bottomfeeders in Battalions. We should give everyone the choice of their position in RP, or their position on Staff. EDIT: If you are already a low rank you can keep it but Officers and above should have to choose.
  19. This is a joke.
  20. Havoc is a Commander Position. You did not apply for it. If it is given to you, that's unfair to everyone else. It has always been a Commander Position. If you are a CPT then you should not have that position.
  21. We get an average ten players a day. If staff and commanders don't mix, then all the staff who get on lose that ability to make things happen in certain ways. As well most Staff are Commanders already, including you as Havoc is a Commander position. Sometimes we need staff as commanders. There are not enough players to sustain the battalions without staff as commanders.
  22. I'm sorry that you had to deal with these issues. This should've been dealt with better. I have not been active enough to deal with it. I hope you fare well with wherever you go.
  23. I will personally hand out bans if any conflict between you two continues. It's enough, you're not 4 years old.
  24. Neutral Nothing personal, I just think we have enough Staff already.
  25. Everyone cut it out. I do not know the full story, but arguing on the forums isn't the way to solve this. Go in the TS and talk it out on whatever subject you are fighting about. Anymore commenting on this subject and warning points will be given out.