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  1. Pilots have lost almost all the high ranking members today which was almost all the active members
  2. You will be missed blaster
  3. They could also have some interesting stuff like the bacta grenade, stim shot and the bacta gel tube
  4. Neutral Could use some more time on he server you are still kinda new and I have not seen you ( but my activity is kinda low because I am sick ).
  5. 6 PM But what time zone
  6. +1 Knows his stuff
  7. Sad to see you go you were one of the best pilots (︶︹︶)
  8. This is something you should ask leadership about like Kobe.
  9. Now that we have the multi planet maps I will be doing "Galactic Conquest" type events.
  10. +1 From my past experience with true I think he would make a great addition to staff.
  11. The Usual Troopers: A CW Story by Captain Darsk Credit to: http://cryosignalgaming.com/profile/224-canadianwalrus/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198185643414 Prologue: The wind and rain blasted agaisnt my face as we trudged our way through the heavy mud. This journey had been tiring but we had almost made it to our destination. We had been making the long treak to the city of Aneti, located in the Northern states of the Republic of Chooku. The ROC had been invaded by CIS forces a few weeks earlier and stood no match. They were put to slavery after capturing their capital city Aneti. The people Prime Minister Te No Char had been locked away in the palace gardens under strict supervision. It was Jedi Knight Keen Nash's job to recapture the City of Aneti and to push the CIS away from the planet. His men may be tired but their journey had almost come to a end. They were walking down a narrow path when all of a sudden guns shots started ringing around Keen Nash. He whipped out his light saber only to see his men getting shot down by unknown assilantes. "Taris!" He called. Taris was his second in command. Only moments later did he see Taris being cut open by General Grievous. "Troopers on me!" Taris shouted. His troopers began to form a defensive postion around Keen when out of no where 4 commando droids jumped out of the surronding bushes only to land on multiple groups of his men shouting and cuting them down. Keen knew he had to think fast or things would get really ugly. In a split second Keen deflected the blades of Grievous. "So you think you could outrun me Jedi." Grievous snarled giving a slight cough after. "Well we gave it a shot." Replied Keen deflecting more blows from the general. Almost all of his men had been taken down now, the few that remained would be shot down as well. "Were done here." Growled Grievous kicking Nash back into the arms of two of his Magna Guards. Keens light saber rolled down to the Generals feet. "Knock him out." The General said in a calm voice. "Take them back to Aneti. I will be on the hunt for more unwanted visitors." And with that the General left. "You... Wont get away with this." Keen yelled with his last bit of strength. "But why Jedi. Weve already won." And everything went black. Chapter One: Important News Captain Darsk walked down the hall to the meeting room. "Finally I get to go to a meeting." Darsk smiled as he walked by a bickering Viper and Dom. Darsk had just recieved a transmission from Chancellar Palpatine himself. Oh how Exciting Darsk thought happily. Darsk typed the code into the door and quickly walked over to the area his boss Rear Admiral Sticky was sitting. "Did you bring the files you cuck?" Sticky hissed. "Yeah I brought them." Darsk replied in a hurt tone. "Ok just shut up and wait till I tell you to talk." Sticky whispered uneasy. The thing about these meetings is that if you fucked up everyone would make fun of you forever. One janitor fucked up. Now no one knows where he is. Finally after all the dumb shit like Muntafa making fun of Queso and pretty much everyone Sticky called me up. "My Retainer cuck here has a important transmission were all supposed to listen to." Groaned Sticky. I quickly walked up. "I recieved this Transmission from the Chancellar himself this morning." Darsk said. Darsk set the transmitter on the table and replayed the message. The message stated that the crew of the USS Fuck Nar Shadaa would be heading to the planet Hazrai to aid Jedi Knight Keen Nash in one week exactly. They would meet at the Capital ctiy Aneti and march out to push the CIS forces back, That is if Master Nash had cleared the droids out of Aneti first. If he hadnt the USS FN would help clear any remaining droids and then help push the enemy back. "Well then." Magnum said. "Lets make sure all troopers are ready to move out soon." he stated. "Well how are we supposed to get past the CIS blockade?" Ensign James intruded. "Well do what we always do" Magnum started. "Well wing it". "Ha thats funny" said Captain Wing. "K Wing no offense. But stfu" Magnum muttered. Darsk was walking down by the hangar bay rethinking about the meeting earlier. I wonder what my job will be this time Darsk thought. Hopefully something cool. He noticed two medical droids hoisting a wounded clone up on a strecher. "Hey that clones not from our crew." Darsk mumbled. He walked over to the strecher. He somehow recognized the clone. "Hey your Sgt Winters from the Orien battalion!". The clone did not answer. Hmm. The clone had two massive gashes down his torso. "Is he alive?" Darsk asked the medical droids. "Barley but yes. He still lives. The light saber gashes have caused him much pain though.". Light saber gashes? Who could have done this. Certainly not a Sith Lord. "Im sure you can talk to him later but for now he must head down to medical." Said the droid breaking Darsks train of thought. "Uh of course yes. Good day." And the droids carried him away. Chapter 2: Bad News Clay and True were both walking down to the medbay to check on an "Unusal Case" at least thats what Darsk said. As they walked down togther they remebered all the good times they have had togther in the past. True swiped his card hearing Magnums little jingle as the money was sent to his bank account. They walked into the room and immidetly saw the torn up clone lying on the table. "Holy shit dude." Clay started muttering. "Shh stop being such a pussy." True whispered. "Hello what may I do for you Captain." Beeped the medical droid. "Were just here to see your latest patient." True replied. "Ah yes right this way." the droid whizzed around and sped down the row of table and equipment. "Ah yes patient number 657. Sgt Winters part of the Orien Battalion. numbers 4378." Beeped the droid. "Thanks. We can take it from here." True said. True and Clay exaimined the body of Winters. "Mustve taken some pretty big hits." Said Clay. "Idk. Doesnt look like blaster shots to me." Replied True. "Well what do you think it is then." Clay asked. "Well idk but I think Darsk may actually be on to something here for once in his life.". Suddenly the trooper coughed. "Trooper are you alright!" True said alarmed. The clone coughed out "Water." True was quick to respond. He grabbed the nearest cup of liquid and poured it into the Troopers mouth. The trooper immedititly started talking. "I have a message from Jedi master Keen Nash. The invasion force on Hazrai has failed. You must hurry or my Commander will be lost!" He was barley able to say the last part because his throat had disintergrated. "Holy shit what happended!?" Shouted a surprised Clay. "Uhm. That wasn't water...". He looked at the cup and in big red letters it read ACID FORM B7. "Welp were outta here." True said and they dashed as far away as possible from the med bay. Chapter 3: No Voulenters After coming out of a meeting with the other Admirals Sticky had a dull expresion. "Boss whats wrong?" Darsk asked. "Well after the info that True and Clay delivered was sent to the Chancellar hes decieded our crew go through with the invasion and head to The Republic of Chooku to capture Aneti." Sticky groaned. "When do we leave?" Darsk implied. "NOW." Sticky yelled. Hill and the rest of Bravo were walking down the hall to head to training when the sirens started going off. Stickys voice could be heard on the comms saying. "All troopers pack as much guns, food and ammo and get your asses to the main hangar.". Hill had already been alerted about what this was so he shouted. "Alright Bravos you heard the man lets go get our shit and get to that hangar. Viper was running beside Clay and Viper asked. "Any idea whats going on Clay?". "No but I might have a idea." He replied. Once all the troopers had been assembled into the main hangar Sticky decided to let them in on the plan. He heard boos and this is gonna be suicide coming from th crowd of clones bellow. Magnum steped up and pushed Sticky off the stage. "If anyone wants to back down back down now.". Everyone backed down. "Well to fucking bad we didnt ask for voulenters, were all going to die." Shouted Magnum. Everyone groaned. "Now we cant fly in with Gunships or they will open fire so we had to find another way in." He pointed to a group of trading ships. "We got some pirates who go by the name of Hondos crew to help fly us into the city. Once inside were gonna kick the droids up the ass, save Master Nash if hes alive and recapture The Republic of Chooku! Now whos with me!" He yelled. Everyones just groaned and made their way to the priates ships to be loaded up. Each ship was numbered off for a company each. As alpha walked onto their ship Zahk said this to his crew. "Lets not die today guys.". "So Darsk your gonna be coming with us correct?" Sticky asked. "Actually no but I got my cousin to fill in for me." Darsk pointed to the Omega ship to the girl in the tight dragon armor. "Her? Damn Darsk just damn." Sticky muttered. "Enjoy your flight everyone! That is if yall survive!" Darsk said with a happy grin. All the ships took off and headed out the main hangar at light speed to the a certain set of cords given by rebels on the ground. "Are you sure this is safe?" James asked Magnum. "Well their sending us to a place called the ghost wreck. We should be fine since there are no CIS ships guarding the space there." Magnum said. "But why wouldnt they guard there?" James asked. "Well thats because its a astroid field full of mines!" Said a pirate who gave a slight chuckle after. "Oh great James." James muttered. Chapter 4: The Ghost Wreck "So what exactly is the Ghost Wreck?" Six asked True. "Well the Ghost was a massive CIS ship that had been one of their strongest ships ever made for some time. That same ship had been destroyed here in this cusluter of Astriods. Although the Ghost isnt the only ship that has been destroyed here. Many other ships full of thrill seekers have tried to fly by but no one has survvied to tell the tale." True said. "So what makes you think were gonna survive this?" Asked Astrin (Warthog). "Well its saying we might die guys. We might die.". "Entering Ghost Wreck in 3, 2, 1!" Shouted one of the pirates. "Well here goes nothing!" Shouted Dom. Alphas aircraft glided swiftly through the chunks of metal and rock. The Bravos ride was a little more uncomfortable. Their driver mustve been drunk or something because they would always be bumping into things every 5 min. "Ughh wake me when its over." Snored Towel. "Cant belive he can sleep through this." Muttered Viper. "Hey did I just hear someone complaining." Asked Hill. "Uhm no sir not complaining at all." Viper quickly blurted out. "Good thats what I like to hear." Snoozed Hill. "Hmm something doesnt feel right." Mumbled Jarobi. "What are you talking about everythings fine! It couldnt get any worse." At that moment the Echo ship burst into flames and exploded into a million pieces. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS!" Screamed Sticky at the top of his lungs. "BATTLE STATIONS!". Everyone started rushing to gun implacments. "Did you see what that was." Flix asked Skyla. "No fu-." Skylas sentence was also cut short as their ship exploded into flames. Fortunatly they were the only Foxtrot on that ship, the rest were with Omega. "Cookie what are they!" Zahk shouted. "Idk some sort of droid bug!" Cookie screamed. "UH what do we do!" Clay shouted. "You find a gun and shoot down whatevers destroying our shit!" Hill yelled. "It looks like a type of bug droids, there is something written on their sides." Viper said. "Hmm why does it say Allu Huk bar on the sides of these dro-" At that moment Charlies ship blew up into millions of pieces. "Fucking shoot them down already!" Shouted True. "Im trying im trying!" yelled Six. "Step aside boys." Said Darskette pushing Six out of his seat. Darskette quickly grabbed the gun handles and started rapidly shooting at the unknown attackers. She took 3 down in 2 seconds. "Holy shit. Shes so cool." True said starting to day dream. "So were going in hot arent we." James asked Sticky. "Well what do you think?" Sticky replied. Sticky opened his comms and shouted something quickly into it. "All troopers whoa re still alive. If your pods land regroup at Aneti. We must not loose hope when times are dark. We must move forward. Safe journeys friends.". Muntafas destroyed body responed. "Fuck you fag.". Chapter 5: Crash Landing General Grievous paced the room. "Anymore information on the unknown objects crashing into the Jungle?" He growled. "Uh no sir but it seems that objects have all landed. What would you like us to do?" piped up one of the droids at a nearby control panel. "Send out a squadren to search these sites." Grievous rasped taking a seat on his giant throne. "What if there are survivors General?" replied the droid. "Leave no survivors.". Hill climbed out of the destroyed drop ship. None of the pirates had survived and at least four of his troopers including Towel were laying burnt and dead on the floor. "Clay? Viper!" Hill shouted. "Right here Hill." Clay clawed out of the rubble pulling Vipers limp body behind him. "Vipers out but im still holding on." Clay gave a weak smile. "Well." Hill looked around. "Seems that another one of the pods crashed right over there." Hill pointed to the smoke rising a few meters away. "Hey. Any of you maggots alive!" Hill shouted. "Just us." Zahk yelled. "Well get your candy asses over here!" Hill yelled back. Zahk followed by Dom, Cookie and Omega made their way over to Hills postion. "Is that all of you?" Hill asked. "Im afraid so." Zahk replied. "Well we should gather and remaining supplies and see if the rest of them survived." Hill pointed to the other two clouds of smoke rising some ways away. "Well you heard Stickys orders though. We were told to make our way to Aneti and regroup there." Zahk pointed to the glistening city some ways away. "Well Stickys not my boss." Grumbled Hill. After awhile of bickering Clay said "Stop!". "Why are we fighting! We should be working together to help save our friends who might still be alive!" Clay shouted. Hill sighed. "Clays right. We need to work togther and stop fighting. But to make it clear, im in charge of our little gorup. Understand?". Everyone nodded in agreement. "Alright then. Well I think we should head out that way then make our way to the crash site closer to the city." Hill pointed to the farest smoke cloud and then to the one closer to Aneti. "But what if the ones closer to the city get attacked first, they will need our help." Zahk said. "Well for now their on their own." Hill said. Everyone started marching in the direction of the farest pod. "Ugh my head hurts." muttered Astrin. "Hey is anyone still alive?" he shouted. "Here!"came a voice from behind him. "Hey Six your alive! Anyone else survive?" yelled Astrin with a grin. "Yeah Smacks is alive to. Have you seen True or Darskette yet?". Astrin shrugged. Just then a loud creaking noise came from the rubble. Astrin and Six turned their heads to see Darskette being carried out of the rubble by a hurt True. "True your alive!" Shouted Six. True coughed out some blood and gentley layed Darskettes body on the ground. "Is she alive?" Astrin asked but then noticed her chest slowly rising and falling. "Shes alive but shes hurt." Mumbled True. "True are you alright? You seem different." Six asked. "Yeah im fine." True said seeming emotional. "Alright well Smacks is done packin the gear. We should make our way to the others if their still alive. We really need to regroup." Six pointed to the three smoke clouds in the distance. "Actually I dont think your going anywhere." Came a voice behind Six and Smacks. "Dont move or your all going to be shot to bits." came a low voice. True looked up to see the robotic face of Captain Kalani. "Now your going to drop all your weapons or we will excute you here right now." Kalani guestured to the 8 commando droids with guns fully loaded and aimed at all five of them. "Well guys what are we gonna do." True said dropping his weapon and picking up Darskette. Six shrugged and dropped his weapon as well. Astrin and Smacks followed. "Cuff them all." Kalanis voice boomed. Once all the clones had been cuffed a droid transporter came to Kalanis side. Two droids knocked out Six, Astrin and Smacks. True gently laid Darskette on the transporter and promised himself "I will bring us home." and everything went black. Chapter 6: Team Work As Bravo and Alpha walked side by side along the road to the drop pod they saw that another two pods were crashing down. "Eh look its another two pods." Omega said. "Hmm." Hill mumbled. The two pods crashed down right beside the one they were heading to. "Well aint that convient eh?" Zahk said cheerfully. After a few hours of walking they started getting tired and thirsty. "Clay." Viper hissed. "I need... Water." He gasped and fell to his knees. "Here you go buddy." Clay said with a smile finishing off Clays canteen. Clay picked Viper up and kept walking. Then all of sudden they heard a soft metal clanking noise. "Clankers, get down!" Hill said keeping his voice low. Bravo was on one side of the row and Alpha on the other. There were two massive trees on either side of the rode where a droid tank was about to pass under. The tank was being escourted by about 60 Super battle droids. 40 at the front 20 at the back. Hill signaled Zahk to shoot the trees but Zahk was more interested in going head on with the droids. Hill gave Zahk a look that made Zahk shiver. Zahk gave a nod of his head and pointed to the tree by Hill. "On the count of 1, 2, 3!" Hill said. On 3 Bravo and alpha both shot at the trees making them come crashing down on the 40 Super battledroids. The tank smashed into the trees and began to catch fire. It exploded moments later. The 20 super battle droids at the back started firing at the clones but they were no match for these clones. Viper and Dom both raced through the smoke of the tank and went back to back shooting droids left and right. Omega took a shot to the head and his body slumped over against a tree. Hill and Zahk started firing rapidly at the droids and Clay and cookie did the same. Soon all the droids had been turned to scrap and they began to move on. "Im sorry about Omega Dom." Viper said. "Oh. Thanks for caring." Dom gave him a reasuring glance. The team walked past the rubble of the tank and countinued ont heir way to the drop pods. Chapter 7: Prisoners True awoke to the sound of water hitting stone. He was chained to a stone wall in a dark cell somewhere in Aneti he assumed. He look over and saw Six and Astrin had their own cells. He didnt see Darskette though. "Darskette!." He yelled. "DARSKETTE!". "Dude shes not here. We dont know where she is." moaned Astrin. A tear fell down Trues eye. A small bell rang in the distance. "Lunch time!" A fat man with three big bowls of slop came in and slid the bowls into our cells. "Guess someone slept in eh." He said to me. i just growled and grabbed my slop. "Oh yes the Barons got a nice suprise for you today oh yes yes good suprise. That is unless he has to cancel it." The Man said gleefully as he skipped out of the room and locked the door. "Suprise?" Six said. "What suprise.". "Well hopefully its better food then this slop." Smacks said in disgust as he threw hi bowl against the bars. "Why did we even bother coming here in the first place." Muttered Smacks. "Because there is purpose in you being here soldier." Came a voice from the cell infront of True. "Who are you?" True asked. "Why you might not know me but." He brought his face into the dim light coming from outside through the bars. "I belive im Jedi Knight Keen Nash am I not?" Nash said. "General Nash! Weve been sent here to save you but im afraid we got captured." Said True. "Not shit sherlock." Six grumbled. "Well I can see that. Are there any more troopers not captured?" Nash asked. "Yes sir. Theres a whole squad of us but we were seperated when our ships crashed in the Ghost Wreck." True said. "Hmm yes very interesting. Well let me tell you how I got here. I was leading a platoun on men to capture the Capital Aneti where we are now be held by the CIS. When we had almost made it to a ridge near the city we were ambushed by General Grievous and his droids." Thats why Winters had light saber slashes down his torso True thought. "My men were all slaughtered but they captured me. I have been in these dungeons for a few days now. What you see is all we get besides the slop they bring in." he said. "Well what do we do now General?" Astrin asked. "Why trooper we wait." Nash said with a smile. "We cant just wait we gotta get out of here!" Six screamed. He pulled agasint the chains holding him back as hard as he could but they would not budge. "Im afraid theirs no use in doing that." Nash said. "All we can do is wait. The room went silent. Chapter 8: The Arena True awoke to the sound of a ringing bell. The fat man walked in. "Wakey Wakey Rise n shine lads. Im looking for the one you call True. True looked over "Right here." True stood up. "AH yes well Im gonna untie ya and your gonna follow me to the arena for your first day! So exciting!" He said happily. "Wait areana what?" True asked while being uncuffed. "Oh so many questions and so little time." The man said. "General. I will return." True said. "Yes. I know you will." The General smiled as the door slide shut behind True. True was led through a dark passage way for some times. When he got to the end he was met with blinding sunlight and the noise of thousands of people sitting in the stands of some giant Arena. "Alright good luck and youll need this." The man handed True a small shiv and locked a bared door behind him. "Wait till your called ok buddy. He saw a more luxerious stand most likely for some royalty or something. A voice suddenly started booming over the sound. "Landies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Grand Arena for our 500 match! Woo! Well then lets get right on into our match today. On the north side you have the strong the fearsome our champion! Drum roll please." A small drum could be heard playing. "SNOOOOOOOOPPPP!". Snoop could be seen walking out of the other end oppisite of True. Oh no Ŧrue thought. Why did it have to be Snoop. "And in the south corner is a new fighter today who is a clone of the filthy Republic TRUE!" boomed the voice. "Now lets give you the steaks. If Snoop over here wins this match, He will be able to kill this fair madian. But if True somehow wins She will be spared!" The crowd went wild. True could make out who the fair madian was now. It was Darskette. She was wearing a golden bikini with a red lon cloth (So the same stuff Liea wore in return of the jedi at Jabbas palace) and and her long black hair flowed down to her breasts. she was chained up againt a chair beside what looked to be the royal attender. "Before we begin though lets give a big warm welcome to our special guest- Baron Von Slick!" There was a massive jumbotron set up and the man who had been sitting in the chair had come up on the jumbotron. He waved and once the camreas were off him he went back to his dull expresion. "Alright so lets get this match started people!" boomed the announcer. "1." He yelled. "2." He shouted. "3." He yelled. "FIIGGHTT." He screamed. Chapter 9: The Jungle has ears It was almost night now and Hills team had just arrived at the other teams dropoint. Turned out that 3 more Alphas had dropped down in the other two pods. DJVelldred, Wolf and Elcid sat around a nice camp fire as they roasted rice crispies. Sticky and Jarobi came up to greet Hill. "Hey cuck." Sticky said with a smile. "Hey Hill." Jarobi said. Hill walked past them both because he spotted Magnum with a crate labeled cloths. "What the fuck are you doing?" Hill asked Magnum. "Well what do you think? We cant just walk into the city wearing these cloths. We have to wear a disguise." Magnum said with a wink. "Well mine better not have lice in it." Hill grunted and walked away. "Alright everyone." Hill shouted later that evening. "Now thats its getting dark were going to be sleeping. That means midnight watch duty." He heard groans from the crowd. "Well im sorry, I didnt know you wanted your throat slit in the middle of the night." He said. He waited for silence. "Well then. If were all at agreement. I want James, Pigs, Astro and Jarobi on duty. Lets get moving people!" Everyone started filing into their own tents while James took a seat on a wet log. Why had he have to watch over. Couldnt someone else do it. I mean yeah he was Naval security but he was tired as fuck. Sigh. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He took a look noticing a small dart proutruding from his neck. "What the fu- " A blaster shot came out of no where killing James immeditly. Pigs and Astro were arguing over something silly when they were shot too. Jarobi fell asleep during his shift. He was very drunk. Jarobi awoke the next morning surrounded by hundreds of battle droids. "Well Hello there." General Kalani said his metalic voice sending a shiver down Jarobis back. "Well shit." he said flatly. "How did you even find us?" He asked. "Weve been tracking you for days now. It was only a matter of time before we striked." He said giving a small laugh. "So what happens now?" Jarobi asked. "Well of course. You will fight to the death in the Arena." He said. "Great job getting us into this one Andy." Magnum grumbled his hands cuffed behind his back as the droids led them on the main route to the city. "Hey its not all my fault. James, Pigs and Astro got themselves killed!" Jarobi sand defensivly. "Whatever. Now were all dead." Magnum muttered. All of a sudden a explosion came from behind them. Two men riding a giant animal came out of no where. One was controlling the beast the other was shooting a rocket launcher. "GET DOWN!" Shouted another man holding a rifle on the other side of the road. Men and woman started emeraging from the bushes all wielding rifles. The droids were so confused and were easily taken down. Soon only one droid stood. Kalani. "Well well well buster. Look whos in trouble now." Said Magnum with a smirk picking up a large branch from the side of the road. "Not so tall and powerfull now are you." He tried to swing the branch at Kalanis head. Kalani took out a blaster and shot Magnum point blanck in the chest. "Well that was climatic." Dom muttered. "Shut up." Wolf said in response. Chapter 10: Dual True stood stunned staring at Snoop. Shit he thought. How am I supposed to fight this guy. Snoop started calmly walking towards him. Well im fucked True thought blankly. At least hed be giving his life for Darskette. He charged at Snoop ready to jab his knife into snoops side. Snoop easily flipped him and cut deep into Trues arm. True cried out in pain blood dripping from his arm. "Im not playing games boy. You and I both know your fucked so lets get this over with." Snoop said with a snarl. He picked True up and with the flick of the wrist dislocated Trues left arm. True screamed. Darskette cringed in horror seeing her lover being in so much pain. She looked over to the Baron who seemed to be bored with the battle. "Send out the Corrileion Slice hounds." He mumbled to one of his servants who bowed and walked away. True kicked Snoop backwards and fell to the dirt ground clutching his dislocated arm. True looked over to where a gate was being opened. Two dog like creatures ran out yapping heading straight over to him. True took his knife and threw it at one of the hounds killing it on contact. He then ran over and jumped on top of the 2nd hound knocking him to the floor. Snoop was just getting up. "Enoughs Enough. Im tired of these motherfucking cunts in this motherfucking aren-" The 2nd hound jumped at Snoop and ripped his chest apart. Snoop let out a blood hurtling scream like nothing True had ever heard before. As the Hound was eating out of Snoops gut True swore he heard a small shout in the crowd. "Allah Huk BAR!". True quickly turned around to see a section of seats get destroyed in a massive explosion. More explosions were happening in other seating sections. True took this oppertunity of chaos to try and escape. Multiple guards were coming out to chain him back up but True had other plans. True took one of the knives and slit one of the guards throats. He grabbed the blaster and shot 3 of 5 guards dead. One of the remaining two charged at him but True swivled out of the way and broke his neck. True speared the last guard and knocked his blaster away grabbing a pair of cuffs. He cuffed the guard and started using him as a hostage making his way to a nearby exit. "Youll never get away with this." The guard spat out. "You and your Republic scum. All of you deserve to die." True hit him across the head. "Watch your tounge or youll end up like your friends." True hissed. True somehow managed to make his way into the streets outside where Police were shoving people out of the way to get inside. Once True turned into a street corner he knocked the guard out and ran as fast as his feet could take him. "I gotta find help." he thought as sweat and blood dripped down his forhead. Chapter Eleven: Shit hits the fan Magnums body tumbled over as his body lay limp on the ground. "NOOOO." Doc screamed as he shoot several lasers from his pistol towards Kalani. Kalanis head blew off the socket and his body fell back with a clattering sound. For a few moments the only sounds that could be heard was Doc panting heavily. A tear slowly made its way down Jarobis check as he ordered the one foxtrot, Paka to go over and tend to Magnums wounds. The rebels urged the clones to take Magnum to their Chapter 12: The Turning PointThe Clones and Rebels rode through the trees at a quick pace. They didn't have much time, The droids would be alerted of their presence and be hunting them more than ever. Hill Looked over at the rest of his brothers. They were all tired and broken but their high spirits held them together. Hill was proud of this. Proud he could be with such loyal and strong men. They’re boots trampled the grass and foliage below. They had already lost so many. How more would they be losing before the day is over. Hours passed before one of the Rebels pointed to a deep canopy of trees. “Head through there. We will make sure no one is following you.” The Rebel said cooly. “Thank you.” hill said simply. They all trudged through the muck and grime to a wooden and metal barrier. “Uh Hello?.” Wing shouted towards the canopy. Zahk Grabbed Wing. “What are you doing!” Hissed Zahk. “We still don’t know what's in there.” Zahk urged Wing back into the crowd of clones. “So what now.” Dom said confused. Suddenly the the barrier started to move apart. A gate! “See I was right.” Wing Smirked. Zahk grunted and everyone quickly huddled into the canopy. Just as it started to rain heavily, Causing the mud to slosh and become sticky. The Rebels at the gate greeted the clones and Doc O'malley and Wing hurried Magnum into a healing hut. The rest of the clones were rushed into a big tent with a large fire in the middle. Guards with simple blaster rifles stood at the huts entrance and they were also positioned around the room. There were also other people, wearing simple clothings and eating whatever rations they could get. At the end of the tent sat a man on a large wooden chair. He had a small stature and had a round jolly belly. “Ah hello my clone friends!” He smiled while bits of meat and fruits were mashed in his mouth. Mustache slightly hurled in his mouth and crouched over. “Were trying to make a good impression Mustache, Stop cucking around.” Wolf whispered. “I am glad to see you survived your crash.” He said almost laughing. “How did you know we crash landed?” Elcid inquired. “Oh I know a lot of things around here. Just like how I know there was a clone fighting at the Arena today.” He said licking his fingers. “Clone? Arena?!” Sticky said. “Oh yes. The Baron runs them all the time! He pits the best fighters against each other. It raises a lot of the morale of the people. Why just today it was announced that a Republic clone by the name of True was pitted against the animal, Snoop.” “Holy shit True! He’s still alive!”Clay exclaimed with joy. “Well how do we find this arena?” Anderson asked. “Well just look at the rising smoke in the sky.” He giggled. “What… what did you do.” Eleven said in a deep dark tone. “Oh well we might’ve had a few bombs go off during the match and well. Caused a little chaos. It's all for defeating these damn droids though.” “Killing innocent people isn’t the answer! It just makes people hate you more!” A girl who had been sitting in the back suddenly steps forward towards the jolly figure. “This is what i've been saying this whole time! We need to show the people we are fighting for them not against them!” She spits out enraged. “Laru please, We’ve already talked about this. We need to use force to scare off the droids and their leader.” He said trying to be sensitive now. “Ugh you never understand!” Laru storms out of the tent and you can hear the splashing of her boots. “Anyways. We are glad we can help you clones. You can rest in my tents for the night.” He points to an escort waiting for them by the door. “Oh and by the way, There is someone who wants to see you in your bunks.” He waves us away and goes back to munching on his food. We all march out of the big tent and we are lead to little shacks built into the canopy of the trees. “Heres your bunks.” The escort says. “If you need anything ask.” He grunts and starts walking off. “Uh who's the guy that wants to see us?” Cherry inquires. “Let's find out ourselves shall we.” Hill pulls open the front zipper and everyone walks into the room. “Hello guys!” Sirg says with a smile while reading a magazine on a bed.
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  13. I am Dom and I am a pilot (Just became one today). I have played over 1 year of clonewars rp on a server called NOM which reformed to PRoE. For most of my time I was just basic infantry but then became a pilot. If anyone knows of it I served in a company know as Alpha. Just because I got bored I decided to switch to pilots which took alot of practice because we used a mod know as WAC which is hard to fly the first couple times.
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