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    • Mysterio

      Private Channels   01/15/17

      We have came to a conclusion that there are to many private channels and we will be making it applicable via a new form that will be available soon. If your channel got deleted you may apply for one when the form is available.
    • Kobe {Zefine}

      Attention! | ULX Groups   01/19/17

      Attention all Staff Members. We have just installed a script that will merge all bans to all of our Gmod server over MySQL. All bans have been synced but Staff groups and donator groups are gone. Please be patient with Leadership giving you that correct groups back. Thanks!


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  1. Your Name: Kerion (Blake) Desired Channel Name: Kerion's Basment What do you intend to use a private channel for?: I will use this for any private use that a groups needs it for (like a private talk, battalion meeting, etc) It will also be a hangout room for me and my friends or anyone that wants to learn more about Star Wars lore or just have a good time on the server. Also as Staff if anyone needs to privately chat with me or any other community members I would use my channel. Last it was used by staff as a meeting place for game events/ ideas for the sever/ or dealing with any non-friendly members on Team Speak. Are you a donator?: Yes As securing a private channel can be competitive, why do you deserve to be given one?: Why I deserve to have one is because it was actively used by me, my friends and my past battalion 327th as a hangout room and a meeting place. I also used it to help people that were new to the server (I trained them though TS basically) becasue it helped a lot of the time. I also have had this channel for a very long time and it has been though a lot of struggles, As a long time member of the community and a staff member this was one tool that I used more than my GMOD blaster rifle. This would not just benefit me, but others who seek a place to hangout, talk or just have a fun time. Do you understand that at any moment your channel can/will be deleted for any reason not limited to but including... (vulgar channel name, inappropriate use, lack of use, etc.)?: Yes
  2. This pretty much sums it up. Also you don't have much time in game and much time on the forums so I recommend spending more in general so that we can see if you can improve.
  3. Its great to have you here!! Also have you watched Star Wars the Clone wars? (I am sure you have) but if you haven't I recomend you do!
  4. @Niko_The_Wolf I am down to help with anything I can!! Prob Voice and Script
  5. Nos it will be good to have you back in the server again! (if you even remember who I am) I am here is you need help with anything!!!
  6. We need to take out some of the lesser used/ lesser populated battalions and try and beef up the stronger ones (327th, 212th, 501st, 104th). Its not that I dont like the other battalions but when we have 3 people in each battalion they can never stand strong and we can never get anything done. There is never real team work if there isnt a team. So what I am saying is that use the battalions that are well known and have a Strong bond. Ones like 91st were relying on Skins and Weapons to keep the battalion running not the players themselves. So what we need are to save the smaller battalions for when we have a stronger server that needs more spots and focus on pushing the Bigger Battalions on the lime light.
  7. Neutral, You were one of the first people ive meet on cryo and you will always be a friend of mine but thats beside the point. I have just gotten back and from what I have seen and heard you have been gone just as long as I have. Now this is a simple matter really, just spend more time on the server and on the forums and you should be able to get staff in no time. Besides that I see no problem in you working for you staff position. Hope to see you soon!
  8. 10/10 Church is good and Church is great
  9. Say Hi to my family for me. You will find them on the corner of white trash and hammered. jk Have a good time!!!
  10. Most people here know that I am not on during the weekends much becasue of debate. This weekend I won a speech event (2nd Place) and my varsity have decided that they want to move me up to their level. This means that I won't be on as much from Thursdays-Sundays of a Debate/Speech event would be going on. Also Finals will be keeping me busy as well. I am sorry for this but I am so happy to finally get moved up and I cant pass up the opportunity! If you must Contact me add me on Snap Chat at blakeljmurray if you need anything also my Phone Number is in my Bio!
  11. You must be heard, I mean that by you must be active in the forums like if I suggest 327th Stuff go read it and say something on it. Just more stuff the like builds trust with the community and honestly its just doing a lot of typing on the forums. Find me in TS and I will explain further!
  12. Leaning Towards Plus One but Neutral for this reason. You need to be a lot more active on the fourms. It is a big part of the community and to be a bigger member of CSG you need to interact with our community and out of game. Besides that you would be a great fit!
  13. +1 You be a great staff addition
  14. You seem to love this server and I am very happy about that! But the Elephant in the room is your play time. I would like to see you clock in some more hours in the server before we make our decision. You do seem like you would work hard and I would like to see more of that out of you! Neutral for Now.
  15. He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when your awake.